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In the past, Geiger International has been involved as a contractor or sub-contractor for governments, humanitarian organisations and NGOs:

Bosnia Airdrop:

Supply of and logistics for 250,000 food rations for the airdrop over Bosnia.


Armoured body jackets and winter clothing for Malaysian peace-keeping forces in the SFOR.

Volcano eruption in

Supply of eight 20ft. containers of emergency food rations plus a supply of tents and blankets.

Bosnian Mine-Clearance:

Supply of mine clearance aprons, visors, prodders, GPS-equipment and explosives testing kits.


Armoured body jackets for humanitarian workers.

Rwandan Refugee Crisis:

Supply of shelters, blankets, cooking sets, vehicles, and communication equipment.


Mine clearance equipment, aprons, visors, prodders and bomb blankets.

Northern Iraq:

Shelters, blankets and hospital equipment.


Supply of fertilisers and pesticides for agriculture.

Earthquake in Turkey:

Shelters, blankets, field cots and heaters for tents.

Rwandan Police:

Training of an anti-drug unit by the Ministry of Finance in Austria, and the supply of drug detection dogs and drug detection equipment.


Supply of shelters, Jerry cans, cooking sets and water purifying equipment to Northern Uganda / Sudanese border.

Eastern Europe:

Drug detection training and supply of drug detection equipment

Afghanistan Crisis/Pakistan:

Shelter, blankets and baby food. 


Supplier to US Tacom USA for following Tenders:                                                               
No.: Battalion Set FY5866-04-R0001 issued by TACOM USA

Iraqi Police

Contract No.: W914NS-04-D-0142 issued by TACOM USA for the New Iraqi PoliceFollowing items were supplies to the new Iraqi government:  Police Uniforms, shoes, belts, shirts, tactical vest, socks, leather jacket, winter parka Sleeping bags, and entrenching tools, dust Goggles, water cans, fuel cans, Pistol Belts, Rucksacks, Ponchos and many others.


Supply of 2000 sets of Explosive Detection to the US Army in Mosul, Iraq.


Geiger International has equipped the Border Control and the Police of Guinea.

Prefabricated House Factory

2009 Geiger International has opened its own manufacturing facility for housing in Ningbo. DeepBlue Smarthouse Co. Ltd. an Austrian/Chinese Joint Venture Company.

Papa New Guinee

Geiger International has successfully executed and produces Security Fence Projects for mining companies in Papa New Guinea in the years 2011 and 2012.

 This is only a small section of the areas in which Geiger International has been involved.