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Geiger International has developed during the years a force projection within the Chinese construction industry. Driven by a client based demand our core business supported a highly successful diversification into the construction industry. Our regional head offices in Shanghai- China run significant construction projects with some very competent and very powerful companies as joint partners in the following sectors:

 Roads and Bridge Construction
 Electric power and energy supply
 Municipal Infrastructure
 Civil Engineering
 Raw material feed supply (cement, steel etc.)

We promise:

   Elaborate Design
   High-efficient Performance
   High quality Architecture
   Best possible Service

Ranges of construction:

Municipal Engeneering:

   Water Supply System
   Sewage Engineering

Settlement Engeneering:

   Construct, build and finance of whole Settlements from A-Z

Electric power & energy supply:

   Power station construction
   Power transmission & distribution
   Electronic measurement instruments and
      electronic management system
   Solar Power Station
   Wind Power Station
   Tide Power Station

Port construction & Watercraft:

   Port Machinery
   Communication & Navigation
   Cargo Inspection System
   All kind of Ships (Cargo, Fishing, Passenger, etc.)

Airport engeneering construction:

   Construction & Engineering
   Ground Support Equipment
   System Engineering Projects

Enviroment Engeneering:

   Garbage Disposal
   Sewage Disposal
   Exhaust Gas Disposal

Railway Engeneering:

   Completely mechanized railway construction and renewal
   Building and maintenance of railway and road facilities.
   Building and reconstruction of railway stations.
   Building and reconstruction of streetcar and bus lines.
   Electrification of new and existing lines.
   Railway signalling and telecommunication systems