GEIGER INTERNATIONAL Geiger International has been trading and producing in its own factories in China since 1990. It is a leading supplier of security products, vehicular equipment, textile and housing products – it lists the UN, Independent Governments, and NGO’s as its clients.

Geiger International has successfully been manufacturing under license goods in its own factories in mainland China for over two decades. We not only have our own production facilities in China but also have forged links with several significant manufacturing interests thus giving us an unparalleled capacity. All our factories are managed by our in-country European Ex Pat staff and Chinese employees.

Our mission is client driven with an unending demand for quality to fuel our client’s satisfaction..

Main markets of supplies:

  Middle-Far East
  North America
  South America

Geiger International has developed during the years a force projection within the Chinese construction industry. Driven by a client based demand our core business supported a highly successful diversification into the construction industry. Our regional head offices in Shanghai, China run significant construction projects with some very competent and very powerful companies as joint partners in the following sectors: – Roads and Bridge Construction
– Electric power and energy supply
– Municipal Infrastructure
– Civil Engineering
– Raw material feed supply (cement, steel etc)
– Major infrastructure Design and Build and many others.

Geiger international is a producer of various fencing solution for the industrial, commercial sector. The production takes place in accordance to client’s specifications and needs to fully meet the requirement. Quality control and testing are carried out to ensure quality and correctness of the product. The fencing portfolio includes various fencing solution for the security of mining camps, airports, schools, factories, power station, prisons, railways and many more.

Geiger International occupies a significant and expanding presence in the supply of vehicles in the Sub Saharan market place. Our emphasis is in the rapid supply of specialist vehicles that are often modified to meet a particular project specification. Geiger International is leading experts in the supply of European fleet vehicles from their regional hub in the UAE and also leaders in Chinese utility vehicles and construction machinery.

Geiger International maintains current stock listings of disaster relief products maintained by ourselves and our selected global partners. This network enables the rapid supply of virtually every basic item to anywhere in the world in the shortest time frame. We have a number of global freight partners that enable us to offer a local service even in the most remote and challenging aid environments. Our clients include the UN, DIFID and the ICRC.